Monday, July 07, 2008


We had a lovely trip to Italy. Both of us had talked about it for a long time and finally we got to do it. Here's some of all what we got to see.

Some of the great mountains that we saw. It was such a beautiful country and great food served.

B in front of the great mountains, we where up on a sheep farm that had this wonderful lunch with all kinds of cheese and sausages and other meats and really good bread and pasta.

The view on the road to our hotel in the village of Santa Maria.

The village of Montelpiano. It was such a beautiful place and a real feeling of genuine Italian hospitality. The groom had rots in the village and so they got to meet their relatives.
It's up on a cliff that has this amazing view over a great area and the town square was placed so that you could see far and away over the mountains. A great place for a wedding.

This is the town square of Montelpiano and Les with her husband Rich.

B looking over the edge in Montelpiano. In the background some of the amazing view.

After the weeding we had a lovely dinner at the hotel in Santa Maria. and the day after that we got time on our own going to Pescara.

A great espresso after a more than wonderful lunch. We had only seafood of all kinds. After wards we went out on the beach and what a stunning place.
Me on the beach in Pescara and it was almost surreal how striking blue it was.

A happy B after a weekend with lots of great memories and wanting for more of Italy. And we will return soon hopefully.

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