Friday, July 25, 2008

The Keys in Florida

Hi I'm over in the US for a visit and just got to an computer now to post some photos.
I just loved these signs down in Key West. They are so adorable.
With their writing and mostly for the great pictures I just love the colors and the simplicity.

I just feel for this old motorcycle and how it stood so well with the wall in the great green shades.
Isn't this tree amazing and so wonderful because of its stems and in one place it even had this stem going in a circle of its own.

So graceful.

The harbor was so great with fantastic boats and just the sun how it feel over the perfectly still waterfront.

The great sunset party down in Key West where they give small performances all over the town square. Some pretty cool ones. And naturally I needed some prof of one of my favorite things. The Sunset.

Bradley and I waiting for dinner. And I got this great jambalaya.

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