Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Went to Budapest with my mum a longtime dream for both of us even if we just stayed four days. But we got to see plenty and enjoy a relaxing time.
This is taken from my view at our favorite cafe almost next to Donau. And in the background you can see Buda of the two cities. An amazingly beautiful city with so much things to see and so little time.
A shot at one of the gorgeous old buildings in the city of Pest. This is both a hotel and a resturant though we never ate there we vent by it plenty of times because the underground/subway had it's station right next to it.
This is the same as above but from another angle and also a bit earlier and with a view over the square. Lots and lots of people was visiting at the same time as we did.
From the inside of S:a Stefan church and it's lovely ceiling. Wanted to take more photos but the rest came out a bit bad because it was pretty dark inside and it wasn't allowed to use the flash.
Lovely flowers that was planted outside a hotel in the city couldn't help it but found them so wonderful I just had to take a closeup.
Saw these flowers at a market we went by and loved the idea of putting pictures on the petals.

My mum and I on the second day after a great day of looking around in the city and enjoying good food and company.

Last day we saw these cool cups and kettle but sadly it was Sunday and after hours so we couldn't buy them. Even if we didn't have the time to look around the whole city and it felt like we didn't even got to see half of it. We still loved every minute and want to go back there again.