Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day out in the forrest

These leafs just made me smile with there lovley sparkling colors.
We had a lovely afternoon in the woods Up on Hallandsåsen ( a very small mountain chain in Sweden). It's fall here and all the leafs has turned red and yellow a beautiful view this time a year even if I don't like the coldness that comes this time a year. Nature on the other handtakes on one of it's most colorful dresses now.
A spectacular scene to be part of.

Björn and I. I'm usually behind the camera but this time at least one picture came out with my face on it.
Hobbe was so frolic for being out in the woods where he always finds this twigs and sticks. And by all means tries to make us play with them until they are really gooey.This cow just stood there looking at us driving by like we were weird for even being there. But still it was so cute we couldn't stop from taking a picture and if you see in the upper left corner there is a black one that was a calf. But naturally he ran of right when we took the pic.

Have a great one

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some of my artjournaling

Finally got some time for my art journaling and started to try new ways with gesso and not just pen and paper. In found I like it very much.