Monday, November 17, 2008

Some geo cashing with the family.

We started a new hobby the other day and found it pretty exacting and also a great way to get out even more than we already are. Geo cashing is the name of the game and it is like a treasure hunt after small or big boxes with different things in. But most importantly it's a notebook of somekind in it so you can log your visit. Very cool.
Here's some pics of us going after some of the treasures.Our dog he got so excited when Björn climbed the tree he wanted to join him. Sadly that wasn't possible.
Björn the treeclimbing man or should I say boy. He got really into it and it was so fun to see how he went up and down this tree after the Cashe and I can tell that I found it. Not in the tree but more than that I won't hint. ;)
Here is my finding the Cashe from the tree hunt. This was the biggest we found of three Cashes that day. I dearly recommend doing this especially if you have children but even if we don't have the small rascals yet we got into it both of us.

Another place where Björn found the cashe and that got to be his first. This was a beautiful place that we've been driving by for ages but never saw untill that day. Amazing what new things we get to see with this hobby.

Have a lovley day

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Catharina Maria said...

My husband is also a young boy when he and my grandsons are tree-climbing and he is 71 and the boys 16 and 12 .
And my English is very bad sorry for that .
Rini - the Netherlands