Saturday, January 24, 2009

Haven't had the effort in me... write here for the last couple of weeks.
Well January seem to have gone by so fast and so quickly it's over. Both B and me missed Hobbe so much that we got a new little man in our life. And he's taken all of our energy but also gives us plenty of joy. I had forgotten how much energy there is in a puppy. But We both do love to have him around. He is a crazy and foolish little thing but still have a great big heart.

This is Buster alias Busterix. And the charming guy just loved the computer when I put on a dog barking on it. Ever since my laptop has been the love of his life. Whenever it's out he wants to sit in my lap and hope to hear some more dogs. I think that is so funny.

THat's all for now

Monday, January 05, 2009

We've lost a great friend and dog

Hobbe our beloved dog... ...past away on January the first of 2009. It came so suddenly and chocking. We do still love him dearley and not a minute goes by without a thought of his wonderful personality and the way he enjoyed life. A really frolic guy with a great big smile on his face. He never ever wanted anyone sad and made it his purpose in life to with all possible ways make everyone around him happier than a child on christmas day.
Well I'm so happy he got to spend christmas and new years because he loved fireworks and had a blast the night before. And he didn't need to suffer much illness that's also something I'm thankful for.

With all of my love
Hobbe you're always gonna be a big part of my heart.