Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My everyday

This is the great view I have every morning when I wait for the bus. Can it be lovelier?!?
I'm still amazed with nature. It's such a beautiful thing and somehow many people just passes it by like it's nothing special. But look at it! Stop and make yourself the time.

And even when you do the laundry at times you can find the most beautiful things. I just did the laundry the other night and at then end of all the clothes and socks, oh all these socks that needs their pair and somehow the machines keep on eating one of the socks.
But anyhow, at the end I folded towels and dish clothes and put them on top of each other and look how nice it turned out. Didn't even think of it until I was going to pick them up and saw how nice the colors matched.

Was at my mums and this is some of the photos I took. Love to take everyday photos that keeps the memories alive that you forget when time passes you by. But whenever you look at the photos you remember all the wonderful things with that special moment and even some of the smells and at times the sounds to.

Love these photos of my mum she's so adorable. She disliked that I took them but just look how happy and frolic and great she looks.

My favorite drink right now is Cold latte.

Oranges are at this time something I almost crave and so whenever I get close to them I eat at least two or so. mmm... goodness from nature.

These last two photos is of Buster and as so many more he always get a bit blurry because he never is still the first is of him realizing that the camera suddenly was on and he wanted to look at it. And the second is of him running towards me when I started taking photos of him. Well what can I say he is a maniac.

Have a lovely day and hope you have better weather than me winter came back and just last weekend we had spring.


Friday, March 20, 2009

A cool video

This art video from you tube is just adorable and inspiring.

It's a Music video for Tanya Davis' song Art by Andrea Dorfman

have a great day

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have to get better at this. =)

Well what can I say. I'm bad at putting my photos into the computer my camera is always full of them and yet to plug in a simple cored and make them go from camera to computer seems to be a big problem...not really :) but my days always seem to have so many other things on it's plate.
Okay here's the last 2 weeks update.


This Saturday Björn came and got me at the train station after I had been out in Helsingborg with the musketeers and we went down to the beach right next to Kliltterhus, an old building today a hotel and restaurant. This was so great and Buster really enjoyed it. Look at how big he is these days. Can't imagine that only two months ago we picked up this little creature and he was so small.


Had a great day Saturday with my dear friends Karro and Tilde. We went for a window shopping (well Karro had to shop clothes though hihhi...) day. And went to a coffee shop and then to Dunkers our cultural center in Helsingborg and painted some.


Some photos from Björns and mine Gothenburg trip next to last weekend. We had a lovely friday evening on town eating dinner and talking for ours. there anything better ;) And then on the Saturday we went walking and had wonderful seafood lunch at "Fiskekörka"= fishchurch.


This is from our BBQ in the woods 2 weeks ago. A great day and we had snow falling most of the day. Mmm... Buster loved the snow and Björn loved making the BBQ and I had a fun time throwing snowballs on both of them.Happy BBQ'r just started the fire and waiting for it to get hot.
Buster was a bit smaller back then and he actually could sit on top of the trunk cover. Underneath is our little picnic.

Goodness that was a long blog post hope you can forgive me for not blogging more often and by that make my posts a bit shorter. I do wish to get better at this. And don't forget that my flickr is loaded with more photos most of them different from these. Try to not use the same as here.

Have a great end of this week
and remember that only you hold what the future brings for you.