Thursday, April 30, 2009

BBQ on Gröningen Helsingborg

Wow the weather was great, the food also and we had a blast. Great with friend that keep you smiling. We also got time to test some different chocolates and it was pretty interesting. Both Karro and I loved the salty one the best and Tilde went for the coconut flavored. But what does that matter when you are in good company.

Chicken BBQ, we also ate pasta salad, crackers and pesto and some other small and lovely thing.

Karro getting mad at the grill that didn't work as it should. But she fixed it with some tinfoil. You go girl. ;)

Tilde happy as a kite. Food, wine and friends. Gets you smiling like this.

Tilde took my camera and got this great photo of me, thank you I love it.

Can you be sad having this wonderful view with a sunset to die for and all warm...well a bit cold when the sun went for sleep. But who could ever complain after it's graceful exit.

We have to keep on doing this all summer long.
keep smiling

Monday, April 27, 2009

a weekend away


We spent the weekend in Västervik on the eastcoast of Sweden. A great destination even if we came when it was off-season. The sun was out all weekend and we we both enjoyed that it was empty from tourists except us. ;)
The photos above is Björn looking at a boat and suddenly a whole group of men came up beside him and started to look at the same boat. The funny thing is, it was a very small wooden boat so nothing special at all. And still at least 6 men looked at it with eyes of admiration.

Some of the buildings in Västervik. It was a great mix of new and old beside eachother and everything laid next to the ocean. I was amazed that their where no tourist at this time a year.

The ocean views when we walked around and had a marvelous time. And is it any question, why?!? Relaxed and happy we returned home last night.
The view from the hotel.

A happy and peaceful man that I had a wonderful time with. This was a perfect weekend and what we needed.

Last night there we eat out at the restaurant "Smugglaren" a wonderful place and what great food. We loved every moment there and had a great time. This is to recomend if you ever go to Västervik.

Until next time
keep smiling

I love my blog, I really do...

... some days it feels like I'm hooked on others more. Sounds weird maybe. But I love looking at my favorite blogs and then forget to post on my own. I do have to get better at this and with time I hope it will be succeeded.

Here's some of my latest;

Got of work early last Wednesday and went down to the north harbor in Helsingborg and just saw this picture I had to take. Even if it looks warm and cozy it was pretty cold because of the wind in this city. But ahh... so beautiful.

The left is the last part of Helsingborg castle that is called Kärnan= the Kore. And is a great lookout point in the city. To the right it's a view over the city taken from the foot of Kärnan. In the top of it you can see Helsingör=Denmark.

These lovely flowers just said hi to me when I walked pass them and the needed to end up in my camera. So here they are. To make them larger just point your curser and push twice. ;) (That's for you mum, love ya!)

Me in the car just playing around this was the best and so I put my face on the blog I usually don't like the way I end up in photos. THat's why I always takes them instead stand infront of the camera.

That's it for now. Hope you are feeling great and keep on smiling

Saturday, April 18, 2009

At Björn's dad

We had a whole day of working and helping Björn's dad and wife to fix some things that needed the work be done. Björn was in his best mood loving every bit of the manly building stuff from scratch and Buster was adorable loving the soft animal one of the neighbors gave him.
What a fantastic day it was warm and with lots and lots of sunshine. Ahh.. love that the sun is finally back again. The winter has just been to long.

Just looked up after a short break drinking water and saw that the magazine and the water bottle had the same colors and they matched perfectly. Hmm... sadley no one else seemed to. :(

First Lena made some inspection of the work, this is when Björn started to build the door. He brought out the big tools and she was inlike of them. And he loved being in the center. The "handy man" :) Even if the photo got blury I love the one where Björn and his dad is standing talking and laughing together.

Buster loving every bit of being outside chewing on something or another. He is so adorable.

Keep smiling

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Had some fun with my camera...

...took photos of myself in the car. Starting to get better at trying to end up on the camera not just behind it. ;)

Have a great day and
Keep smiling

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Of the charts...

I've been sick and taking a well deserved rest. Sleeping a lot has been a theme of mine the last couple of days. But now I'm finally feeling better and starting to see the happy light again. :)

His cute FACES. He has so many of them and gives us a lot of attitude when he thinks we are acting nuts. And at times he just sits and contemplates life. Yesterday he actually sat down next to a bunch of kids playing land hockey and looked at them with this interested look of what they where doing.

I'm going to post more later this evening
have a great one till then