Saturday, April 18, 2009

At Björn's dad

We had a whole day of working and helping Björn's dad and wife to fix some things that needed the work be done. Björn was in his best mood loving every bit of the manly building stuff from scratch and Buster was adorable loving the soft animal one of the neighbors gave him.
What a fantastic day it was warm and with lots and lots of sunshine. Ahh.. love that the sun is finally back again. The winter has just been to long.

Just looked up after a short break drinking water and saw that the magazine and the water bottle had the same colors and they matched perfectly. Hmm... sadley no one else seemed to. :(

First Lena made some inspection of the work, this is when Björn started to build the door. He brought out the big tools and she was inlike of them. And he loved being in the center. The "handy man" :) Even if the photo got blury I love the one where Björn and his dad is standing talking and laughing together.

Buster loving every bit of being outside chewing on something or another. He is so adorable.

Keep smiling

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