Monday, April 27, 2009

I love my blog, I really do...

... some days it feels like I'm hooked on others more. Sounds weird maybe. But I love looking at my favorite blogs and then forget to post on my own. I do have to get better at this and with time I hope it will be succeeded.

Here's some of my latest;

Got of work early last Wednesday and went down to the north harbor in Helsingborg and just saw this picture I had to take. Even if it looks warm and cozy it was pretty cold because of the wind in this city. But ahh... so beautiful.

The left is the last part of Helsingborg castle that is called Kärnan= the Kore. And is a great lookout point in the city. To the right it's a view over the city taken from the foot of Kärnan. In the top of it you can see Helsingör=Denmark.

These lovely flowers just said hi to me when I walked pass them and the needed to end up in my camera. So here they are. To make them larger just point your curser and push twice. ;) (That's for you mum, love ya!)

Me in the car just playing around this was the best and so I put my face on the blog I usually don't like the way I end up in photos. THat's why I always takes them instead stand infront of the camera.

That's it for now. Hope you are feeling great and keep on smiling

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