Monday, April 27, 2009

a weekend away


We spent the weekend in Västervik on the eastcoast of Sweden. A great destination even if we came when it was off-season. The sun was out all weekend and we we both enjoyed that it was empty from tourists except us. ;)
The photos above is Björn looking at a boat and suddenly a whole group of men came up beside him and started to look at the same boat. The funny thing is, it was a very small wooden boat so nothing special at all. And still at least 6 men looked at it with eyes of admiration.

Some of the buildings in Västervik. It was a great mix of new and old beside eachother and everything laid next to the ocean. I was amazed that their where no tourist at this time a year.

The ocean views when we walked around and had a marvelous time. And is it any question, why?!? Relaxed and happy we returned home last night.
The view from the hotel.

A happy and peaceful man that I had a wonderful time with. This was a perfect weekend and what we needed.

Last night there we eat out at the restaurant "Smugglaren" a wonderful place and what great food. We loved every moment there and had a great time. This is to recomend if you ever go to Västervik.

Until next time
keep smiling

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