Friday, May 22, 2009

Family time ... it's the best. (Båstad)

We went to Båstad and had a pick nick first a bit cold outside bur then the sun burst out from a cloud and it got very warm and cozy. And we ended up with about two hours in the sun before the sky flooded us with rain. Still happy we went home and had our little chocolate tasting.

Björn happy as a little boy on Christmas before opening the presents. He really wanted these. But sadley when we started eating them we realised they where almost all overcooked and a bit to slimy at least for my taste.

I just love this photo of Björn and Buster and how happy he looks. It makes my heart tingle.

So relaxed having a great time outside in the gras after chasing Buster around and around for about 5 minutes.

BUSTER have I ever shown his face before ?!? :D
He made all these faces when we sat down to eat. And offcourse I felt a bad need to take some photos because I don't have any of him before. hihihihi... yah yah yah...I know it's getting ridiculous but what can I say. He's my baby. :P

And who can say NO to this face?!?

As you can see in this photo the weather took for the worst and just minutes after I shoot this the sky opened like almost a waterfall. But we had the best time up untill then.

We went to this store to buy some chocolates. In our plans there was a need for tasting better chocolates and so we had different ones. Look at the photo below. There was; chilli, melon, pear, peach, salty, sunflowerseeded, coconut, strawberry and some others. All very good but I think both of us agreed on the strawberry and melon ones where the best.

I can recomend you to doing something like this a small but perfect chocolate tasting. It makes anyone happy and in great mood.

Have a nice one and Keep on smiling

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