Thursday, April 30, 2009

BBQ on Gröningen Helsingborg

Wow the weather was great, the food also and we had a blast. Great with friend that keep you smiling. We also got time to test some different chocolates and it was pretty interesting. Both Karro and I loved the salty one the best and Tilde went for the coconut flavored. But what does that matter when you are in good company.

Chicken BBQ, we also ate pasta salad, crackers and pesto and some other small and lovely thing.

Karro getting mad at the grill that didn't work as it should. But she fixed it with some tinfoil. You go girl. ;)

Tilde happy as a kite. Food, wine and friends. Gets you smiling like this.

Tilde took my camera and got this great photo of me, thank you I love it.

Can you be sad having this wonderful view with a sunset to die for and all warm...well a bit cold when the sun went for sleep. But who could ever complain after it's graceful exit.

We have to keep on doing this all summer long.
keep smiling

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