Saturday, May 09, 2009

Out and about ... And some BBQ!

We took a day in the car drove around and just enjoyed the time together. And in the evening took out the grill for a wonderful meal and had a great time in the garden using our new wood deck in the backyard.

How was your day?!?

I just loved how this looked like summer to me. With the red house and the hedge all in green.

Out on the roads driving around the weather was playful both all in the most beautiful blue colors and also with the grayish cotton clouds. But we never had rain and it made it all so more wonderful.

Buster running like a crazy dog. Hard to get him in focus because his soooo fast :) this time it was Björn that chased him and that is his big love. Getting chased, he knows he'll outrun anyone.

The happy guy who is the love of my life.

It became a great dinner and I love having just a salad to my BBQ meat, mmm...
We had before this: asparagus, Parmesan chips and a crisp piece of bacon to it.

Some Buster loving here. I know I probably take as many or even more photos of this little guy than I should. But because he is so cute it's hard not to. :D

Last but not least a photo of us. Should have changed the camera a bit but we just took one and I love it even if it's red. Björn Love you alot.

To all have a wonderful day
Keep smiling


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