Thursday, June 09, 2011

I found some photos from last summer that I suddenly liked a lot.

Took a look through my old photos this evening and found some I really like. Hope you'll enjoy them as well.
These two girls I found in the park where I joined a photowalk and asked if I possibly could take a photo of them and to my surprise they said yes.

It was a puppy and one one of it's first walks and he looked so cute I had to stop the owner and talk with her and ask what kind of bread. I'm a dog fan. He made the exact same thing with his ear as mine does with his. Happy moment!

This couple was so adroable. Truly inlove and I was happy they didn't now I too it. Maybe then that feeling would have been gone.

These birds had such a character and walked around lie they were kings.
One of my absolute favorite photos.
Another cute dog and the owner got so happy that I got a clear shoot of her dog that she wanted to have the photos I took. And she got them e-mailed happy as a kite.
This woman was a bit stand offish to get her picture taken. But after a while talking with her she finally said yes take one and if I don't like it you have to erase it. I agreed knowing it's not always a dream being infront of the camera. However she was more than happy with it and wanted me to take more of her. This was the first and the most natural.
Asking the owners if it was oay to snap a quick photo of their dog I got a confused yes and the question why. I told them about the photowal but and that we took photos of most everything. But my reason was really I just loved how cooky the dog was and still after I lowered the camera he came up to me and licked my hand.

Two photowalkers that just after the wal took time to enjoyt eachothers company.
All photos taken with a canon 400D and no editing more than making my camera take B&W photos.

Keep smiling

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