Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mårten gås (Duck dinner)

Varje år till Mårtengås bjuder mamma på ankmiddag. Vilket är oerhört gott men mätt blir man.
This year Anna came over for a early Fika, and brought a chocolate spongecake. Very tasty.  

Björn and Buster took some cuddlingtime on the floor. Gosegrisar!!!
Happy face. He just loves when the house is full of people.

Mum, Björn and Carolina having a food discussion. 

Somehow they don't look as big here in the photo, but we had a dinner for four plus another ducklunch the day after. With these two birds and Buster got a real good taste of it to. (Skrovmål)

The nutty professor, that's me and Mum and Carro. We had so much fun in the kitchen that afternoon.

Carro helping me with some dishes.

Happy face number 2.

Someone knew exactly what was coming and he couldn't help asking in a cute begging way. ;)

Happy arguing over who was right about the sauce, the duck, the... well it was a joy just standing there observing it all.

It this was the great, very tasty result of hours in the kitchen.
Hope you also have these great traditions.
Keep smiling Ami

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