Sunday, November 20, 2011

My mother-in-laws duck dinner.

We are very fortunate to have mums that enjoy cooking and so every november we get duck or goose dinners twice.

The potatoes for the main course.

Some decoration

Anna makes great nuts. And this time she made extra. Yay!

Our mums in the kitchen having fun.

Two ladies exchanging food ideas.

A very hungry Björn who was nibbling on everything food he could see.

Anna joking about what was in the food. ;)

Getting hungry there looking for the potatoes to get golden brown.

And finally they did.

A little taster before dinner. Yum.

The duck breast, and some fried sallad with the potatoes and sauce.

Niklas playing with his new toy and a game that Björn and I introduced to him. :D

And the dessert a great cheesecake.
It was a lovely afternoon and evening with family.
Keep smiling Ami

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